#1: 14 Reasons Why Purchase Option Investing Will Make You Rich
Discover 14 exciting reasons why purchase option investing is not only the best way to get rich in today’s economy but also one of the simplest. You’ll also learn how to overcome a new investor’s greatest fear and be able to listen to real world calls to sellers.
#2: How to tap into hidden markets of motivated sellers – again and again
Find out why motivated sellers are the secret to success in purchase option investing. You will learn how to find untapped markets, access the most motivated sellers within them, and exactly what to say when you find a truly motivated seller.
#3: How to structure your purchase option deals for maximum profit
This audio will reveal the closely guarded tactics and strategies the world’s top investors use to create incredible deals that maximize profits while minimizing risk. Find out exactly how to structure your deals so that sellers simply can’t refuse them.
#4: How to close a nothing down deal in 90 minutes or less
This section absolutely destroys the notion that investing in real estate is an expensive and time consuming process. Uncover exactly how and why you can close amazing deals in less time than it takes to watch a movie.
#5: How to develop the 5 most important skills all successful investors have – part one
All of the world’s most successful investors share 5 important skills that are a major part of their financial success. You’ll discover exactly what they are and how to adopt them and incorporate these skills into your own business.
#6: How to develop the 5 most important skills all successful investors have – part two
Dig deeper into these 5 incredibly profitable skills and why they contribute to your success. No matter who you are, you’ll be able to add these skills to your own life and enjoy the success they bring.
#7: Wealth without risk: How to write up Your paperwork for maximum safety and control
The secret to risk free investing is creating airtight contracts and agreements. This audio will cover exactly what to include in your paperwork and how to word everything in such a way that you not only mitigate risk but increase the control you have over your investments.
#8: How to know exactly what to offer the seller so that you both win
The best way to get a seller to say “YES!” to your deals is to give them exactly what they want. You’ll learn the secrets to uncovering a seller’s greatest desires and how you can include those in a deal that is an absolute win-win scenario.
#9: Advanced negotiation techniques to lock in the deal
Negotiation is both an art and a science which often requires a bit of finesse. This audio covers some truly advanced techniques that can help you lock in the best deals of your life while leaving sellers happy to have negotiated with you.
#10: Seventeen negotiating secrets to get the best deal
Creating and closing the best deals around is all about effective negotiation. In this audio you’ll learn insider secrets used by some of the world’s top negotiators that will have you making incredible deals. This is exactly how we do it and we’re passing our secrets onto you.
#11: How to sell your property on a rent-to-own basis in 3 weeks or less
The faster you sell your property, the faster you’ll make a fortune. This audio will walk you through a number of different strategies that will help you sell properties on a rent to own basis in 3 weeks or less, freeing you up to buy and sell more properties faster than your competition.
#12: How to price your properties for a fast sale
Discover the science behind pricing properties so perfectly you’ll have buyers fighting with each other to hand you their money. Find out what price based factors affect a buyer’s decision and why pricing a property too low can be disastrous.
#13: How to build a million dollar net worth in 5 years or less
Most people believe that wealth takes a lifetime to accumulate but this audio blows that assumption clear out of the water. You’ll be given a concise and actionable strategy you can put to work today that will make you worth a million dollars in as little as 5 years.
#14: How to blow through your investing fears and take instant action
Letting your fears get the best of you is one of the biggest mistakes an investor can make. Discover why some of your greatest fears are just illusions and how you can destroy them forever. You’ll also gain real knowledge on how to take immediate action and get ahead of the game.
#15: How to close your first or next deal in 90 days or less
Whether you’ve never invested in real estate before or you’ve purchased a few properties in the past, this audio will tell you exactly how find, structure, and close a deal within the next 90 days. Taking action is the most important thing you’ll do and this will show you how to do it.
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