Video Help


In order to be able to watch the videos and listen to the audios, you will need to make sure your computer is set up for maximum performance.

Please make sure you follow these 4 steps prior to beginning your training: 1. Set up your computer to run on a high speed wired, (not wireless), internet. 2. Download and/or update to latest JAVA: Go here to check and get latest JAVA updates. 3. Download and/or update to latest FLASH: Go here to check and get latest FLASH updates. 4. Use the Mozilla Firefox browser (instead of IE): Go here to obtain free browser download. Because technology can be tricky at times, if you have followed these instructions, yet are still experiencing issues viewing or listening to your trainings, please click the help tab in the main menu above to put in a ticket to allow us to better assist you. Remember… if you have any real estate related questions not covered in your training, go here to submit your questions to your coach and then join the coaching call to get your all your answers.